“As long as you keep up with your flooring, you’ll be fine!” But, what does that really entail? Look no further. Just like your trusty floor coverings, Custom Floors has you covered in terms of flooring maintenance. Read this simple guide (separated by product) to discover best practices for your flooring.  



  • CFM recommends the Woodwise terrycloth mop kit for routine cleaning (available for purchase in CFM showroom)
  • Make sure rugs are soft and non-abrasive (but also be careful since rugs block UV rays resulting in the covered spots being slightly darker than the rest of the room over time)
  • Use floor protectors on furniture
  • NEVER use water (including steam mops)
  • NEVER use products like Pledge, Swiffer or Endust because they will leave a film


  • Use Woodwise (available for purchase in CFM showroom) dust mop or wipe with a damp cloth for routine cleaning
  • Use floor protectors on furniture
  • NEVER use Swiffer or a steam mop (may dull the finish)
  • NEVER use soap-based detergents or mop and shine products


  • Use entrance mats to trap soil (after all, soil is the number one killer of carpet)
  • Vacuum twice a week with a beater-bar vacuum, which kicks up dirt on the highest level
  • For spills, blot with a clean cloth (never paper towels)
  • Professionally steam clean every 12-18 months

Ceramic Tile

  • For floors, use Armstrong Once ‘n Done floor cleaner (available for purchase in CFM showroom) or diluted over-the-counter products like Pine Sol or ammonia
  • For shower, use Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner (available at most dollar stores) works great for regular shower cleaning, and Scrubbing Bubbles with Bleach is excellent for mildew and buildup
  • NEVER use acidic products like lemon juice

Alterna, Elevations, Duraceramic & Vinyl

  • Use floor protectors on furniture
  • When moving large furniture, always place on a sheet of cardboard to avoid nicks or tears
  • Sweep often and wipe spills right away
  • Wash regularly with Armstrong Once ‘n Done floor cleaner (available for purchase in CFM showroom)
  • Use Ronsonol Lighter Fluid to remove black scuff marks from shoes on sheet vinyl
  • Use mats without latex or rubber backing to avoid discoloration
  • NEVER use Swiffer products, detergents or mop and shine products since they may damage the finish

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at 618-277-7233.

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  1. Birchi says:

    Good post and very good tips on wooden flooring. A lot of help generation of the new World. I am sure these tips will help them.

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