What’s the “more?”

What’s the “more?”

At some point in time, you’ve all probably heard our company name and thought to yourself, “So, what’s the ‘more’ all about?”

The “more” goes beyond the array of backsplashes, custom showers and special tile projects (in addition to flooring of course) that Custom Floors provides customers in the Belleville, Illinois area.

When Julie and Doug Nitz first thought of opening a flooring store, they had a vision of a company that would be there for customers every step of the way. The Nitzes wanted to help with the selection of not only the products that CFM provides but also the other important items that come along with designing a home. The CFM sales team helps customers take their chosen cabinets and countertops and then pairs them with paint colors and flooring materials that will complete the desired look.

Helping customers in every way is what makes a CFM experience so special. Custom Floors’ goal is to take away the frustration that many feel in tying so many pieces of their home together. After all decorating your home should be fun! With the combined decades of experience and knack for color, the Nitzes knew their business could give each customer a personalized experience and look. Custom Floors proudly assists customers from the selection process to after the final installation no matter how unique the project may be.

Want to experience the “more” in Custom Floors & More, Inc.? Visit our testimonials page and see what our customers have to say: https://customfloors.biz/floor-installation-testimonials/. Then give us a call at 618-277-7233 to set up your free one-on-one consultation. You won’t regret it!

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