Flooring and tile installers

“It’s best to leave that to the professionals.”

We’ve all heard this statement. Well for something like installing a backsplash, hardwood floor or tile in your shower, you definitely want to let the professionals handle it! At Custom Floors & More, we know exactly what to do when it comes to installation. Owner and president Julie Nitz developed a process 24 years ago for choosing the right installer which ultimately attributes to the success of CFM. Here’s an insight on how Julie does so!

“Part of Custom Floors & More’s service is assigning the right installer for each project. When our doors first opened at our Belleville, Illinois flooring store, we wanted to be known not only for the quality of products that we sell but also for ensuring that our clients would get a professional installation on their purchased projects.


“Each project’s installation process is different. From cutting tough corners to creating a successful transition between materials, the installer’s role is imperative to the success of a project. All of our installers have different specialties. I personally handpick which installer will do the best job, knowing who has the correct skills to complete the project at hand.

“With Custom Floors, a custom experience is what each customer is paying for, and we are proud to provide this! In addition, we offer a two year installation warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.” – Julie Nitz, president and CEO of Custom Floors & More.

Call 618-277-7233 to set up your free one-on-one appointment for your next project! We supply and install backsplashes, custom tile showers and flooring of all kinds (hardwood, porcelain tile, carpet, luxury vinyl tile and more!).

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