Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes (To the Showroom)

The completed project
The completed project

Spring has sprung, so we decided it was time for a change to the Custom Floors & More showroom. Ever since completing CFM’s first ever outdoor kitchen last summer, Julie, Doug and Brandon Nitz wanted to continue their project spree. The Nitzs compiled their skills and knack for design to complete the new and improved wood room. It was going to be something completely new for Custom Floors & More. DSC00020

The wood room has seen a lot of change in its lifetime. First, it was a game room, then it became a permanent part of the showroom in 2013 during the office expansion. As many of you remember, this room boasted yellow walls with a piano finish Brazilian cherry laminate with wood samples surrounding three of the walls. This space by no means was unattractive, but the Nitzs wanted a complete transformation to showcase the latest styles.

Joining CFM full time since graduating from SIUE in December, Brandon comments on the selections. “The shabby-chic look has been dominating the market, so we knew that was the direction we wanted to go. When we saw the sea glass blue laminate, we knew it had to be part of the project. Finding something to coordinate with it was a little tough, but we kept coming back to this barnwood laminate that I used in my house, and it seemed like it was the natural choice.” The three Nitzs agreed on these choices and that was that! To keep the bold patterns from clashing, they kept the white baseboard in place to give it a finished look.


Of course, the work did not stop with the design. Our installers worked very hard to complete this renovation in only a few days so we could keep the business running normally. They did an excellent job fitting the materials to make it look as sleek as possible!

DSC00029 DSC00032If you want more information about doing something like this in your home, we are happy to answer any questions! Email Brandon at or call to schedule a free one-on-one appointment with either Julie and Doug, Joel or Brandon at 618-277-7233.

Happy daydreaming!


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